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EWP Hire Equipment & Live Line EWP Hire

All of our Bronto Skylift bucket trucks have an extension height of over 50m, making them the perfect EWP hire solution for wind farm maintenance and wind turbine maintenance, dragline repair and dragline maintenance, and other services like cleaning at heights for large structures and doing a bridge inspection. The Bronto Skylift SI169HDT-C Insulated bucket trucks are ideal for transmission line construction, power line construction, and power line repair, and any other job requiring a live line EWP hire service.

Bridge Inspection

Travel towers make bridge inspection a breeze. Whether you need to access trusses or the underside of the bridge, our Bronto Skylift trucks can lift you safely up from the deck, over the edge or if there's vehicular access, up from the anchors of the bridge. Insuring  See in the Gallery the live line bucket trucks being used for a bridge inspection.

Cleaning at Heights

Cleaning at heights can be tricky business. While many commercial cleaning at heights jobs have access readily available, not every cleaning at heights job is for a commercial building. Our Bronto Skylift bucket trucks and experienced crews will get you safely up to do your job quickly and efficiently with our integrated high pressure hoses. See in the Gallery the insulated bucket trucks being used for cleaning at heights.

Dragline Maintenance and Repair

The resources sector is one of our biggest customers, from construction to repair. Machines in the resources sector work harder than any other and thus both plant and dragline repair is a top priority. See in the Gallery how the live li

bucket trucks suitable for dragline maintenance and dragline repair.

Power Line Construction and Repair

We are one of the few travel tower hire companies who field a fleet of insulated bucket trucks especially for transmission line construction and repair. We have extensive experience in power line repair and construction work and can help you get the job done in a timely and safe manner. See in the Gallery the insulated bucket trucks being used for power line construction and power line repair.

Wind Turbine and Wind Farm Maintenance

With the rise of green power, we are particpating in more and more wind turbine maintenance. The reach of our Bronto Skylift travel towers combined with their ease of access they present make them ideal for wind farm maintenance. See in the Gallery the live line bucket trucks being used for wind farm maintenance and wind turbine maintenance.

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